Downtown Greenville and surrounding areas are thriving with new growth and energy, especially in the Village of West Greenville. Newer restaurants such as the Anchorage, the Village Grind, and Golden Brown and Delicious are popping up in the West Village (the Village for short) with other existing restaurants, art galleries, and retail stores (over 60 businesses total). The Village, which is only about a mile west of downtown Greenville, is now known as the ‘arts village’ but was once known primarily for its ties to the textile industry.

With so much development taking place, one would think that everyone would be thrilled by all of the new opportunities that this growth could bring. However, there is always another side to consider. What about the existing residents who live near the West Village? They are watching their neighborhood becoming transformed into a hip and artsy area where all of Greenville comes to visit. This transformation is also referred to as gentrification or “the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste.” While some of the residents may not mind all of the new action that their side of town is bringing, it certainly may not be welcome by all. What do you think of the growth in the Village and the impact [positive or negative] that it has had on the surrounding community?

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