Hi guys! Jennifer Winton here with RE/MAX Moves. I work with a lot of first-time homebuyers and I always get the same question: which loan program is the best? While I am not a mortgage lender, I do know a thing or two about the different options available to you. It is my hope that after watching these videos you will be familiar with the programs and won’t be nervous to talk with your mortgage lender about your options!

Please feel free to reach out to me at 864-293-4470 or jwinton@greenvillemoves.com if you have any further questions or need recommendations for mortgage lenders! Happy watching!


  • As little as 3% down payment
  • PMI goes away after you have paid down 20% on home
  • Usually more attractive loan option in the seller’s eyes because property requirements are not as strict
  • May receive gifts from family members to contribute towards paying closing costs or down payment


  • 3.5% down
  • Good option for those who have little money for a down payment or credit blemishes
  • Limit on loan amount
  • Stricter property requirements
  • PMI for life of the loan

USDA (Rural Housing)

  • 0% down
  • House must be in USDA eligible area and household must meet income limits
  • PMI for the life of the loan, but lower payments

VA (Veterans)

  • For Veterans, active military, or spouses
  • My lender waives all lender fees for all Veterans (contact me for more information)!

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