1. Mice On Main

You’ve found all nine mice On Main Street.

2. Mast General Store

You still spend hours roaming around in the Mast General Store even though you know the store like the back of your hand and have been there too many times to count.

3. The Medusa Tree

You know and love the Medusa Tree and think it’s just as cool as the Tree of Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

4. Woodruff Road Traffic

You know that blocking intersections on Woodruff Road is a sin. Furthermore, you have mastered the art of driving aggressively.

5. Roper Mountain Science Center Star

You know that the Holidays are right around the corner when the star on top of the Roper Mountain Science Center starts to light up the night sky.

6. Best Photo Spot

You know the best photo spot in town is in front of Reedy River Falls.


7. Swamp Rabbit Trail

You know that the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail was a former railroad line.

8. Fall for Greenville

When planning camping trips or other fall events, you look up the date for Fall for Greenville so that you don’t miss the best event of the year!

FYI, mark your calendars for next years Fall for Greenville taking place October 13-15, 2017.

9. #yeahTHATgreenville

The Happy G logo makes you smile and you use #yeahTHATgreenville in all of your Instagram posts!

I hope you’ve enjoyed! You can follow me on Instagram @guide2greenville or Facebook at www.facebook.com/guidetogreenville/. Comment below if you have any other signs that you live in the beautiful city of Greenville, SC!

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