With the fall season in full swing, you may be in the mood to liven up your holiday décor. I don’t know about you, but visiting Hobby Lobby is my weakness. I visit the store with the intention of finding one new piece to decorate my home and I come out of there with a bajillion new things and my wallet a little less full. What follows is a list of easy and affordable fall décor ideas that you can implement without ever stepping foot into the tempting Hobby Lobby.

Fall Décor Ideas

Wine Cork Pumpkin

What you need: 

-Wine corks (about 25, depending on the size of your pumpkin)

-Orange acrylic paint

-Small paint brush

-Hot glue/super glue

-Green felt


Have left over wine corks that you don’t know what to do with? First grab some orange acrylic paint from your local craft supply store and use a brush to paint the ends of the wine corks. To assemble the pumpkin just hot glue or super glue the wine corks together! Cut a cork in half and glue it to the top for the stem of the pumpkin. Cut the green felt out in the shape of leaves and finish it off with some of your favorite ribbon. It’s that simple and cute! Place the pumpkin near your wine rack, buffet table, or even on your mantle. You can also give this as a cute Thanksgiving gift along with a bottle of wine.

Thankful Pumpkin

What you need: 

-Medium to large pumpkin (you can use an artificial pumpkin or a real one*)

-Sharpie or paint pen in your desired color

Want a meaningful Thanksgiving centerpiece? Try what I call the Thankful Pumpkin! Every day in November have each member of your family write down what they are thankful for on the pumpkin. This is a fun family tradition that can be completed at dinner time as you are all sitting around the table. On Thanksgiving Day, read all of the things your family is thankful for that year. Use a fake pumpkin if this is something you want to cherish and keep for years to come. If you decide to use the artificial Thankful Pumpkin, I would get a different color and sized pumpkin each year and perhaps display them on a mantle or even on your front porch. If you decide to use a real one, I’ve heard that spraying WD-40 on the surface helps to preserve it longer.

Candles and Corn

What you need: 

-Hurricane glass vase


-Loose corn (from local feed and seed stores, home improvement stores, pet stores, Etsy, or Amazon)

-Natural raffia ribbon (craft supply stores)

Most everyone has a glass vase and a candle already available, so this DIY project only requires that you get some corn and raffia ribbon. It cannot get much simpler than that! Get a range of hurricane sizes and run these down the length of your dining room table for lots of candlelight during your Thanksgiving feast.

Wine Bottle Messages

What you need: 

-Empty wine bottles

-Goo Gone

-Spray paint in your favorite seasonal colors (oranges, browns, greys, reds, yellows, olives)

-White paint pen

-Natural raffia ribbon (craft supply stores) or other ribbon

Want something cute and seasonal to put on your kitchen counters, mantles, or in your bathrooms? Look no further than these adorable wine bottles with seasonal messages. Before spray painting the wine bottles, make sure to take of the wine labels and remove any stickiness with Goo Gone. Spray paint the bottles according to instructions and let dry for the specified period of time. Next, add seasonal phrases on your bottle with a paint pen. Some additional ideas for phrases include “Happy Fall Y’all”, “thankful”, or “blessed.” You could even include your favorite scripture or saying. Too nervous to free hand? Consider getting vinyl made and stick these on the bottle instead. Finally, add some of your favorite ribbon and voila!

Tree Stump Candle Holders

What you need: 

-Logs in all shapes and sizes (with at least a 4 inch diameter)

-Handsaw or miter saw


-1.5 inch wood boring drill bit


After finding an appropriate assortment of tree stumps and cleaning them with a damp cloth to remove any dirt, you need to make sure that the logs will sit flat when placed on a surface. In order to ensure this, make a perpendicular cut to the length of each log with a miter saw. Cut the logs at different lengths in order to make the arrangement of logs more interesting. After that, use your drill to bore 0.5 inch hole in the top of the tree stump where you want your votive to be placed. Make sure to not drill too deeply as you don’t want the flame of your candle to catch the log on fire! It’s okay if your votive is sticking a little up above the log, but the goal is to make the bore deep enough so the votive is flush with the wood. This DIY project is more hands on than the others, so if it is your first time using a drill or saw, please be sure to ask for help and use the appropriate safety gear. Place these beauties on your dining room table, near the hearth of your fireplace, or even in your fireplace. Whenever you light votives, always remain nearby just in case (especially if you have kids and animals running around!).

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 easy and affordable fall décor ideas! Please let me know what you think in the comments below and make suggestions for any additional ideas you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!

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